Connected Dance Convention


Faculty Showcase/Awards Ceremony

Convention Classes

  1. How do I register for the convention, showcase, and/or freestyle battle?

    You may register at anytime (but at least 30 days prior to the event to avoid a late fee).  Please visit the registration page of our site to obtain a registration form.  Payment must be submitted at time of registration.

  2. Can I register at the door?

    At-door registration is available only to ballrooms that are not sold out.  It is strongly suggested that you pre-register.

  3. I only want to come to one day of the workshop, can I do that?

    No, you must register for the full weekend.

  4. Can I change ballroom levels during the workshop?

    Once a dancer is registered for a certain ballroom level, they must remain in that level.  Be certain you are registering for the proper level.

  5. Can I register for a ballroom that is not in my age category?

    Sure!  This is a decision that must be made between the dancer, parent, and teacher or studio owner.  While the classes are designed around age, take into consideration that the higher the age range of the ballroom, there will be an increase in skill level.

  6. I am a teacher's assistant, can I register for the teacher's ballroom?

    Only if you are at least 18 year old. The teacher's room is for teachers and assistants 18 years and older exceptions.

  7. I am a clogger, I do not take any other forms of dance, what do I do?

    No problem!  We will offer clogging only wristbands.  However, if you are registered for clogging only, you may not take any other classes.  (Those registered in the Junior, Teen, Senior, Teacher levels may also enter the clogging rooms in addition to the other classes).  We will feature world-class clogging instructors form all over. Cloggers will also get to participate in the freestyle battle, showcase, and audition.

  8. When is check-in?

    Early check-in begins at 6:00 pm Friday and regular registration opens at 8:00 am Saturday.  (You may check-in at either time).

  9. What is required to check-in?

    The studio owner or teacher must be present to pick up the registration packet.  Wristbands will not be handed out individually, please coordinate with your group leader to get your wristband(s). If you are registered as an individual, then you may pick up your own packet.

  10. Do I need to be an experienced dancer to attend?

    Our workshops are designed for dancers as a form of further education outside of their regular technique classes.  While there are no requirements to attend, dance experience is recommended.

  11. What time do classes start each day?

    Classes begin at 9 am.

  12. What time do classes end each day?

    Classes will end at 3:30 Saturday and 3:00 on Sunday.

  13. What is the Friday Master Class?

    These classes are free for all registered dancers and teachers and are a fun way to kick-off the weekend before the convention officially begins. Wristbands must be worn in the master classes.

  14. What do I wear to class?

    This is a dance convention, so wear clothing suitable for dancing.  Use your own judgement based on what you wear to dance class normally.  

  15. I don't have tap or clogging shoes! Can I still take class?

    While it is recommended that if you do own tap or clogging shoes to wear them to tap or clogging classes, you can still take class without them!  A great solution is tennis shoes.  Even if you don't take these classes normally, or maybe it has been a while- go for it!  The most successful dancers are the most versatile dancers :)

  16. I only take one style of dance, can I go to different ballrooms just to take that one style?

    No.  You may only take classes in the ballroom you are registered for (except for teachers).  Remember, even if it is not a strength for you, the more classes you take and the more variety you expose yourself to, the better you will become.

  17. Can anyone watch classes?

    Only registered dancers, teachers, and observers may enter the ballrooms during classes.  You may purchase an observer pass at anytime during the convention.  

  18. Can I videotape and take pictures in class?

    You may take all the non-flash pictures you wish, but videoing is strictly prohibited.

  19. When will the daily class schedule be available?

    You will receive a copy of the class schedule at check-in.  Our faculty members are all working choreographers, teachers, and dancers, so the schedule isn't finalized until the week before the event.

  20. Will there be any breaks during classes?

    Yes, we provide a break after the 1st two morning classes and an hour for lunch in the afternoon.

  21. Is lunch provided?

    No, everyone will be responsible for their own meals, with plenty of options in the convention center and nearby.  (Just be sure to check the policies, as some hotels will not allow outside food to be brought in).

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Freestyle Battle

  1. Can I register at the door?

    At-door registration will only be offered if there are still spots available.  Pre-registration is strongly recommended.

  2. What time does the battle begin and end?

    The battle will begin Friday evening around 7:45 pm (it just depends how quickly we can get everyone into the senior ballroom after the master class).  The battle usually lasts around 2 hours.

  3. What style of dance should I perform?

    Dance whatever style(s) you feel shows your talent!  We have had dancers do hip-hop, contemporary, tap , and clogging in the past, but you bring your own flavor to the stage!

  4. How many times will I dance?

    That depends entirely on the faculty.  You many only have to dance one round, but you could dance 4 rounds.  Be ready for anything!

  5. What do I wear?

    You can wear anything you want...except for clothing with a studio name or logo.  And, of course, your contestant number which will be included in your registration packet.

  6. Do I need to bring my own music?

    No, music will be played by our staff.

  7. Can anyone watch the battle?

    The freestyle battle is open to the public (and it's free!).

  8. Can I videotape and take pictures?

    You may take all the non-flash pictures you wish, but videotaping is strictly prohibited.  (We will have a professional photographer and videographer on site ).

  9. Do I need to be registered for the convention to participate?

    Yes, and you will need to wear your wristband while performing.

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Performance Showcase

  1. Do I need to register with a studio?

    No, we will accept individual showcase entries.

  2. What time does the showcase begin and end?

    The showcase begins at 7:00 pm Saturday and will last about 2 1/2 hours.

  3. Can I perform in more than one dance?

    Yes, however, in order to keep the showcase from running too late, we will limit the number of entries.  Be sure to register early if you plan on participating in the showcase.

  4. Is there a time limit on performances?

    Each dance will be limited to 3 minutes.

  5. When/Where do I turn in my showcase music?

    Music must be handed in at the registration desk by 12:00 noon Saturday during the convention.  Please have your music on a CD labeled with the studio name and dance name.  Studio owners/teachers must bring a backup CD with them to the showcase. Music may also be emailed at least a week prior to the event to: [email protected] .  Emailed music must be in .WAV or .Mp3 format.  If music is emailed, studio owner/teacher will still need to bring a CD backup.

  6. Can anyone watch the showcase?

    The showcase is open to the public (and it's free!).

  7. How does the faculty feedback work?

    At the conclusion of the showcase, the faculty will give feedback to certain dances.  All dancers will sit on the stage while the faculty gives live feedback in front of the audience.  

  8. Will there be awards?

    The performance showcase is not a competition but the faculty will give out some special awards for performances that really stood out.  These awards will be handed out Sunday at the Awards Ceremony.

  9. Can I videotape and take pictures?

    You may take all the non-flash pictures you wish, but videotaping is strictly prohibited. (We will have a professional photographer and videographer on site ).

  10. Do I need to be registered for the convention to participate?

    Yes, and you will need to wear your wristband while performing.

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  1. What are the auditions for?

    The winner of the auditions will receive Connected scholarships and other wonderful prizes (for example, some of our scholarship winners have received a year-long contract with a reputable dance agency). 

  2. What room do I audition in?

    For the dance audition, you must audition in the room you are registered for.  We will hold a dance audition and a clogging audition.  Those wishing to attend the clogging audition may audition in either room and may be registered for Junior, Teen, or Senior level.  Teachers are not permitted to audition in any room.

  3. Do I have to audition?

    Auditions are not required, but are a wonderful opportunity.

  4. How do I get my audition number?

    At the start of auditions, numbers will be handed out in each room. Pre-registration is not required.

  5. What do I wear to the audition?

    Wear dance clothes and shoes appropriate for the dance style (which will be listed on the class schedule).  Do not wear anything with a studio name or logo.

  6. Can anyone watch the audition?

    Auditions are closed to ALL observers and teachers.  Only those auditioning will be permitted in the ballrooms.  This audition is treated as a professional audition and observers are never allowed.  It is distracting to the dancers as well as the faculty to have observers in the audition rooms.  This is our policy so that the dancers can dance to their full potential.

  7. When will they announce the winners?

    Finalists will be chosen during the auditions to perform at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday and the scholarship winners will be announced at the end.

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Faculty Showcase/Awards Ceremony

  1. What is it?

    This is a time to see our award-winning faculty perform for you!  We will also hand out numerous awards from the entire weekend.

  2. Can anyone attend?

    Yes, everyone is invited!  A wristband is not required.

  3. What time will it begin and end?

    We will begin just as quickly as we can get everyone into the senior ballroom at the conclusion of the last class (3:00 pm).  We should conclude the ceremony by 4:00 pm.

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